Besides the bar-scene, Bangkok has a wide variety of places that offer a great evening out for people looking to enjoy themselves. Below I have described the most common categories. I have only named a few places, because many come and go fast. Check the links on the Sidebar to find the places that are hot >>>

Thai Discotheques

Typical Thai discotheques do not have a dance floor. People just dance around their table in the semi-dark. Most discos have a show with song (mostly Thai) and dance and many feature a katoy (transvestite or transsexual) trying to kiss guys in the audience. Some also feature a bikini lady. She (may be a he) is one of the singers and takes off more and more clothes during the show, until she's just wearing her bikini. In most places food is not available. The public consists mainly of Thai people. There are different classes of establishments. Entrance fee depends on class and varies from free entry to buying a mandatory bottle of whiskey. [Hollywood (Ratchadapisek Road)]

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