Besides the bar-scene, Bangkok has a wide variety of places that offer a great evening out for people looking to enjoy themselves. Below I have described the most common categories. I have only named a few places, because many come and go fast. Check the links on the Sidebar to find the places that are hot >>>

Thai Bars, Cafe's, Pubs

Thai bars come in many many variations. Mainly Thai people meet here to eat and drink with their friends. There are two types of Thai bars.

In the first type the bar may have a singer + guitar player or a DJ, always playing low volume. The owners have given a lot of attention to the decoration, and many places look really fashionable and modern. Many of them are set up by graduated Arts students. Food and drinks are generally not expensive. [Phra Athit Road]

The second type is a lot wilder, and often has a loud live band or DJ with people dance around their tables later in the evening. This is a place to dance and make new friends. Decoration is minimal, and the place is quite dark, lighted with black light and/or laser. [Ratchadapisek Soi 4 • RCA]

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