Besides the bar-scene, Bangkok has a wide variety of places that offer a great evening out for people looking to enjoy themselves. Below I have described the most common categories. I have only named a few places, because many come and go fast. Check the links on the Sidebar to find the places that are hot >>>

European Pubs

English and Irish pubs are quite popular in Bangkok. These places look the same as abroad, with a lot of wood on the walls and various draft beers. A popular place to watch a game too, most pubs have big T.V. screens all over the place. Games like pool and darts are available. On some evenings they have a life band playing western songs, or have the weekly quiz night. Popular with resident foreigners and Thai office workers. Both food and drinks are expensive. [Dubliner (Sukhumvit Road soi 33/1) • Shenanigan (Convent Road)]

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