Besides the bar-scene, Bangkok has a wide variety of places that offer a great evening out for people looking to enjoy themselves. Below I have described the most common categories. I have only named a few places, because many come and go fast. Check the links on the Sidebar to find the places that are hot >>>

Beer Gardens

In the relatively cool season from November until around February beer gardens pop up all over the place. Most of them are supported by a particular beer brand, that not only provides the beer but also the chairs, tables, tableware, and beer-girls and boys to take your order. Contrary the name, food is a big issue here. Many beer gardens have a show while you eat and drink. Singers, dancers and a band perform the latest pop songs (Thai and foreign), and may play an oldie like "Hotel California" when they spot a foreigner. Sometimes they even have a competition or a game. A good place for a relaxing evening. Food and drinks are quite cheap. [in front of Central World (seasonal)]

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